David Conyers

DAVID CONYERS is an Australian author. David published his first professional story Vanishing Curves in the Book of Dark Wisdom in 2004 and his first novel, The Spiraling Worm, co-authored with United States horror writer John Sunseri, was published by Chaosium in 2007. The novel went on to receive an Honourable Mention for Best Australian Horror Novel in the 12th Annual Aurealis Award and the 2007 Australian Shadows Award. He also contributed scenarios and background materials to Chaosium's Secrets Of San Francisco.

His science fiction short stories have been nominated for the Aurealis Award, the Australian Shadows Award, the Ditmar Award and the Aeon Award, the last presented by the Irish speculative fiction magazine Albedo One. In 2007 he won the Australian Horror Writers Association's Flash Fiction Award for his story Homo Canis and in 2011 won the Short Story category for the same award for Winds of Nzambi co-authored with David Kernot. With Brian Sammons, David also edited Cthulhu Unbound 3 and Undead And Unbound. He is currently a reviews editor and interviewer with Albedo One.

Brian Stableford

BRIAN STABLEFORD is an acclaimed British author of over 65 science fiction and horror novels, including The Empire Of Fear, The Werewolves Of London and the Emortality Cycle. He has also translated fifty fantastic novels from their native French, and edited The Dedalus Book Of Decadence. Mr. Stableford holds a PhD in sociology, and a BS in biology.

Michael Shea

MICHAEL SHEA catapulted into the Lovecraftian firmament with The Color Out Of Time, a sequel to "The Colour Out Of Space." He is also the author of the four-volume Nifft The Lean series, the first of which won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. His short stories have been collected in Ployphemus and The Autopsy & Other Tales. He also won a World Fantasy Award in 2005 for his novella, "The Growlimb."

Shea lives in the Bay Area with his wife, the artist/author Lynn Cesar, and his globetrotting children, Adele and Jacob.

Cody Goodfellow

CODY GOODFELLOW has written three novels (RADIANT DAWN, RAVENOUS DUSK, and PERFECT UNION) and cowrote JAKE'S WAKE, THE DAY BEFORE and (forthcoming) FRUITING BODY with John Skipp. His fiction and "journalism" has appeared in Cemetery Dance, Black Static, Dark Wisdom, Dark Discoveries, Dark Recesses and Ranch & Coast, and recent anthologies MONSTROUS, MIGHTY UNCLEAN and THE BLEEDING EDGE. A collection of his best short fiction, SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS, is now available from Swallowdown Press.

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