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Interior illustrations by NICK GUCKER

ISBN 0-9704000-4-8
Trade Paperback, 84 Pages

At a remote radio telescope facility in New Mexico, an astrophysicist commits suicide after contracting a hideous mutative plague caused by something he saw...and he won't be the last.

Major Harrison Peel has witnessed his share of cosmic atrocities before, but now he faces a threat worse than death and a powerful enemy that hides behind a human face.

When a top-secret NASA program refuses to heed his warnings, Peel is catapulted into a nightmarish government conspiracy that takes him from Ft. Meade's Puzzle Palace to the launchpads of Cape Canaveral; from the desolate Atacama Desert of Chile to the very heart of the universe itself, all in a desperate bid to close...


The Eye of Infinity is a new novella in the epic series that began in The Spiraling Worm and is a spellbinding fusion of cosmic horror, quantum physics and espionage action.

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The Womb of Time

Edited with an introduction by S.T. JOSHI
Cover and interior illustrations by CYRIL VAN DER HAEGEN

ISBN 0-9704000-3-1
Hardback, 248 Pages

From Britain's master of the fantastic comes a pair of insidious new novellas that combine the pulp existentialism of the Cthulhu Mythos with a counterfeiter's eye for masterful literary forgery.

The Womb of Time

The rustic English village of Dunwich is slowly crumbling into the sea, but a rare tidal event promises to roll back the waves and reveal ancient ruins, buried treasures and the lost true crown of England. Three scholarly pilgrims have come to Dunwich for their own secret reasons, but as they gather at The Hidden Crown, the mysteries that summoned them begin to take on a life of their own, and the seashore offers a brief but shattering glimpse of the ultimate Other. Dreams and debates intertwine with nameless, sentient dread to form a daring deconstruction of the meaning and menace of Cthulhu.

The Legacy of Erich Zann

Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, but in the wrong hands, it can open doors to spheres of infinite evil. When a murderer stalks the streets of Paris on the trail of Erich Zann, only Europe's greatest criminal investigator, Auguste Dupin, can hope to foil an insane scheme to take up where the mad violinist left off. With deft craftsmanship that transcends pastiche, Stableford introduces a brilliant reincarnation of Poe's seminal detective to the cosmic irrationality of Lovecraft's Mythos, with explosive results.

Signed, numbered, limited edition of 250 available directly from Perilous Press for $49.00. Trade edition available from discriminating retailers (check our links page).

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Cover and interior illustrations by MIKE DUBISCH
Chapbook, 28 pages

1910. White Mountain Apache Reservation, New Mexico.
The West has finally been tamed, but when a rancher's child goes missing, white vigilantes ride out to exact bloody justice from the neighboring Apache reservation. Only an aging half-breed bounty hunter knows where the boy has gone, and he must race to deliver him from a primordial evil that reaches from the center of the earth to rake the stars from the sky.

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and Other Mythos Tales

Edited with an introduction by S.T. JOSHI
Cover and interior illustrations by STEVEN GILBERTS

ISBN 978-0-9704000-2-4
Hardback, 224 pages

"The light-crowned bridges, the long, dazzling shorelines--these seemed for all their expansiveness a trivial, weightless decoration, a constellation of fireflies hanging between the abyss of night above, and the oceanic gulf below. And that gulf breathed, as the sea always breathes, but this respiration thrummed with an added presence almost as titanic as the waters themselves, filling those waters with a darker, mightier will than their own, a lurking purpose, the waiting hunger of Something that wore the ocean like a garment."

Rocked by the gentle sea, the City sleeps; but its dreams are not its own…

With eight psychotropic visions of damnation and transformation in the urban coral reef of San Francisco, COPPING SQUID forms a mosaic of otherworldly menace shot through with glimpses of awe-inspiring majesty: of invisible outsiders and self-medicating seekers whose desperate prayers and hidden rituals lead them to behold their alien reflections in the all-seeing eyes of the secret masters of creation.

With the deceptive ease and streetwise enlightenment of a weird storytelling master, Michael Shea fearlessly sounds the unplumbed depths of the Cthulhu Mythos to witness visions from which traditional cosmic horror has always averted its dark-adapted gaze.

Contents: "The Battery," "Tsathoggua," "The Presentation," "The Pool," "Copping Squid," "Dagoniad," "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit," "Fat Face."

Signed, numbered, limited edition of 250 available directly from Perilous Press for $47.00. Trade edition available from discriminating retailers (check our links page).

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ISBN 0-9704000-0-4
Trade Paperback, 320 Pages


From a ruined chemical weapons bunker in Iraq to a shallow grave in California's San Andreas Fault, the lines are drawn for a shadow war that will decide who-or what-will inherit the earth and reign as the next dominant species.


The escalating conflict engulfs the lives of three born survivors: a broken veteran of the Gulf War; a fiercely independent young nurse dying of cancer; and a brilliant novice FBI agent. Plunged into an arena where the stakes are survival or extinction, each must choose a side-between a militia of rogue government scientists and an enigmatic messiah who holds the cure for death itself, and the key to a new form of life.


Trapped in a genocidal war the government will do anything to conceal, where top secret military technologies vie with the primal power of evolution unleashed, they will struggle to stay alive-and stay human.

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ISBN 0-9704000-1-2
Trade Paperback, 584 Pages


In the Seven Devils Mountains of Northern Idaho, in the radioactive shadow of Chernobyl, their numbers grow. They gather to be cured of their cancer, but they become much more. Soon, they will be One. When they come into their kingdom, all plant and animal life on earth will be rendered obsolete, and a billion-year old experiment called evolution will have reached its logical conclusion.


As Special Agent Martin Cundieffe pursues the trail of the mutant cult, he finds a deeper secret that reaches into the hidden heart of American power, and leaves him powerless and alone before the real enemy. Stella Orozco has traded her freedom and her humanity for something more. When her transformation is complete, she will become a goddess-and lose her mind.

Sgt. Zane Storch is a soldier without an army, a species of one fighting both sides for his own survival and sanity in a body that is fast becoming his own worst enemy. How many times will he fight to defend a nation and a species that shuns him as an abomination? How many times will he die for them?


As the Mission heats up its genocidal campaign against Radiant Dawn, the armies of the mysterious Dr. Keogh labor to open a sealed pre-human tomb in the Iraqi wasteland. This forgotten place will decide the outcome of the last war of natural selection, for what lies beyond the crumbling wall is no less than the unspeakable truth about the origin of life on earth-and what's coming next.

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A Tale Of The Cthulhu Mythos

Chapbook, 44 pages

August 1, 1998
Baghdad, Iraq

For seven years, the United Nations Special Commission has tried to strip the defiant Iraqi war machine of its chemical and biological arsenal. For seven years, Warren Revell and his international team of scientists have beat their heads against a wall of deception and force, and discovered nothing.

As they prepare to go home in defeat, an intercepted transmission from a secret chemical weapons installation called Tiamat forces them into a rogue inspection to prevent an unthinkable disaster.

It's leaking into the control room!

Remain calm. Everything is under control.

Give me the combination for the door! For the love of Allah, let us out!

This is what they think they've been waiting for. But as they get closer to the truth, they find it is much more than a question of contraband weaponry. A secret deadlier than nerve gas and older than humankind is waiting for them at Tiamat: waiting for them to discover it, and let it out.


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